We Want to Stand With You for Change

We Can Remember the Past but Embrace the Future


We would first like to say, if you are of American Indian, Alaska Native, or Hawaiian Native descent, if you are of African American descendants of slaves, if you were subjected to the Japanese American internments or the Alaska Aleuts, if you were subjected to forced sterilizations, the Tuskegee experiments, or any other past wrongdoing, we are truly sorry for what you or your ancestors have had to endure.  We want to lift you up and help heal those past wounds.

We are simply people who see a need to heal these wounds and felt a drive to act on that need.

We are a growing number of like-minded individuals who believe that we stand, at yet another defining moment in history. And we seek to empower the spirit of independence by striking a delicate balance between remembering the sins of the past and – for those who want to become a part of this process of recognizing and changing the impact this disease can have on our future. By choosing an opportunity for all approach towards our citizens, we can help guide the republic towards becoming a nation that is more inclusive, adaptive and sustainable while simultaneously fulfilling the Declaration of Independence for the foreseeable future.

How You Can Help

We recognize this is only one piece of the puzzle, but we can focus on this one piece while other groups work on other pieces.  We feel this is an important first step toward righting the wrongs in our history and it’s what we can do now.

Feel free to support our goals by donating on our website, donating to our Go Fund Me campaign, or purchasing one of our uniquely-designed lapel pins.  Each pin is a symbol of solidarity.  We will be releasing a new pin every month.  Purchase one or collect them all.  Each pin is tailored around a virtue and everyone, regardless of race or color, can wear them proudly.  These pins are handmade for all so that we may all stand together and walk toward a future where we may all prevail.

Become a Stakeholder

Our mission is to reinvigorate the Pursuit of Happiness by redefining opportunity; a) in the environment around us; b) socially; and c) in the governance of everyday lives.

Opportunity breeds more proprietors, which brings more productivity. Increased business productivity can lead to a larger collective base of gross profits which can then lead to a stronger economy. Stronger economy functioning can lead to a healthier nation.

Changing the way opportunity plays a role in society and in everyday lives, means in part, looking at the way it affected our past. Was opportunity leveraged for good or ill and who were the beneficiaries? Who were the groups adversely affected and how? If for ill, then how can the options for making amends ensure that it never happens again?

The second part of changing the way opportunity plays a role in society and everyday lives is through policy making. Policy can provide the right insurance and assurance that opportunity is available to all.

Lastly, the people are the ones who instigate change. As a nonprofit, we make it as easy as possible for you to reach out and connect with us in order to make donations via our website or purchase one of the exclusively designed solidarity pins. The funds we raise, go toward researching marginalized groups, funding various projects, and policy support. Also, our community serves as a base for crowdsourcing ideas and suggestions.