Repair The Past

So That We May Move Toward The Future.

One of the ways is for all of us to come together, stand together,and band together
to make amends for the past so that we can move toward the future.

Repairation Nation


Welcome to Repairation Nation. We’d like to ask you to join us in our desire to help heal our troubled nation and with each other’s’ support, grow into individuals we ought to be.

Shortly after the birth of our great nation, we stood at a crossroads deciding whether the Declaration of Independence was merely a set of words or the content of the true American spirit that should be a part of every man, woman and child. It was a defining moment, where we chose freedom and ingrained it in our DNA to pave the way for the declaration of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But standing up for the words that gave those disenfranchised among us, life and liberty was only the beginning. Now we as a nation, must complete the Declaration’s promise for each and every citizen.

The pursuit of happiness and most importantly the opportunity that it infers, has not been a level playing field for every American. We unlocked freedom but did not provide the proper framework for those enfranchised souls to safely navigate a familiar but strange new world.

And as such, dark forces set about to stress and fray the underlying fabric of liberty by eroding, for some, the basic building blocks of opportunity. Now this disease that began as a means to an end for those who opposed freedom has taken on a life of its own.

Over the centuries, as industrialism took shape, the opportunities were curtailed by a handful of few. And when the spirit of independence and the pursuit of happiness that drives it extinguishes, there is no longer a democracy.

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Our Product

Pins of Solidarity

Each pin is a symbol of solidarity. We will be releasing a new pin every month. Purchase one or collect them all.
Each pin is tailored around a virtue and everyone, regardless of race or color, can wear them proudly.These pins are
handmade for all so that we may all stand together and walk toward a future where we may all prevail.

We Are All One

Our pins are an expression of hope for the future.